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Why This is Important and Next Steps

The economic downturn in 2008 had an effect on everybody. People lost value in their retirement accounts. They lost value in their homes. Businesses downsized and closed. Unemployment was high. I believe that the economics of the world changed and yet the “professionals” still touted doing the same things which lead to the downturn in 2008.

Today, is a perfect storm brewing within the United States. There are many things that are not discussed nor is there any research being discussed as to how these events will impact the United States and the economy. In 2019 the country hit 2 milestones; the first one being 22 TRILLION in debt (that doesn’t count the unfunded liabilities which totals about $220 TRILLION). The second one is that we have had 10 consecutive years of growth, without a recession/correction. There are still three wars that we have yet to be paid for. The U.S. has the BIGGEST demographic of people withdrawing their wealth from the market, as opposed to adding to it (the baby boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10,000/day).

March 2020… the CORONAVIRUS struck the United States and the market tanked. People lost money in their investment and retirement accounts. Congress approved and passed the CARE Act to assist MILLIONS of American’s. The monies that was approved, over $2.2 Trillion, WILL NEED TO BE PAID BACK. This isn’t FREE money. The FED also approved over $4 Trillion to be used to help the banks lend money. This is the scary thing…. THIS ISN’T THE MARKET CORRECTION THAT IS A NATURAL CYCLICAL EVENT THAT HAPPENS. THAT STILL WILL HAPPEN.


There are (ONLY) 2 unknowns that will devastate EVERYONE’S financial picture during retirement.

The two things are taxes and a health event(s) that would cause you to need care (either at home or in a facility).

Traditional planning teaches us;

  • to build wealth in accounts that we can’t quantify. 
  • to go get a job, contribute to its retirement plan, so that when you retire, you’ll have a nest-egg. 
  • to have your home paid off as quickly as possible.
  • to “try” to accumulate money so that you don’t run out of money before you run out of life.

I can show you how to accomplish everything that you’re planning for.

Mission Statement:

  • I believe that where people are currently putting their money, to build wealth, is the total opposite from what they want their money to do.
  • I believe that it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of banks, Wall Street, the government and the financial services industry (yes… my industry). The reason…. the more people know, the LESS THEY get paid.
  • I believe in showing people strategies to grow their wealth in ways that they’d always have access to it, taxes and fees won’t erode, the roller coaster of Wall Street has no baring on it and it allows it to do double and triple duty.
  • I do this by utilizing provisions of the tax code, thus, totally endorsed by the government (specifically the IRS). 
  • I do this by educating people on strategies that the wealthy have utilized for years.
  • I do this by showing my clients to MAXIMIZE cash flow and legacy distribution, while being in a position to lessen their losses, lower their taxes, minimize fees and to not be beholden to the banks.
  • How do I do all this? Let’s have a conversation and I can share these strategies with you.
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