Process is Important

We want to know what is important to YOU. This is YOUR plan. We will initially spend time together and we’ll do a review of how traditional planning is done. I will show you the different ways that you can grow your account(s); TAX EFFICIENTLY, having complete access to and being in complete control of.

To meet the demand of our clients, we are equipped to meet you virtually.

What to expect:

To be straight to the point… Expect an education. We will initially go through the three ways to accumulate monies. We will review how taxation effects those three ways. We will review what impact those three separate ways will affect one’s social security when you go to start collecting social security. 

Once we talk about those things, we will have a discussion about what you are currently doing, we will discuss what changes, if any, you wish to make to your plan. Those changes can make you the most tax efficient as possible.

YOUR plan is YOUR plan

I stress again, that YOUR plan is YOUR plan. If you are satisfied where your plan sits, we part company as friends and I hope you learned something. We wont chase you or harass you to do business. We have NO emotional connection to the outcome of ANY meeting.

It is NOT about US, It’s ALL ABOUT YOU.

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