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Encompass Acquisition Services

Your dedicated companion throughout the mergers and acquisitions process, tailored for small businesses.

Encompass Group

Acquisiton Services for Small Business

A globally-reaching M&A Advisory firm offering comprehensive services, possessing extensive market knowledge, and demonstrating versatile execution capabilities. We cultivate distinctive insights across our various business lines.



Mergers & Acquisitions

Providing an unbiased and insightful viewpoint on M&A, strategy, and financing advisory to assist clients in formulating and achieving their strategic objectives.


Secure senior or subordinate loans to facilitate operational expansion or restructuring, enter new markets, and broaden production or service offerings.


In intricate and ever-changing markets, challenges may arise, such as financial distress or business complexities. Our teams assist clients by offering services in restructuring, optimization, business reviews, and negotiations with stakeholders.

Developing Your Business

We become your internal catalyst for growth, introducing new technology and products to both existing and new customers, while also facilitating geographic expansion.

Real Estate

We can assist in navigating clients through sophisticated investments, offering guidance from initiation to completion. Our team brings diverse real estate expertise, spanning retail, office, industrial, multi-family, and real estate investment trusts, to support you in realizing your vision.

Succession and Exit strategy

Our methodology is comprehensive, addressing both operational and strategic aspects. We evaluate industry trends, business cycle timing, and market conditions relevant to your company.



Frequently Asked

We encourage you to contact us and begin a conversation with an Encompass Group professional.  You’ll be glad you dd.

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