Business Owner



Our Focus

Business Owners are a main focus of my business. Mainly because business owners work IN their business, not ON their business. They focus on growing their business; managing the day to day operations, deal with employees (Running a day care), chasing money, making their next sale, dealing with taxes (town, state and federal) and focusing on growing their business for the future.

  • I show them how their money can do double and (very often)
    triple duty.
  • I show them how to position themselves to NEVER NEED A BANK
    AGAIN…. For anything.
  • I show them how to recapture tax dollars already paid and
    integrate them back into usable dollars

Business Succession:

When do you want to exit?

Business Succession is generally an after-thought. That after-thought should be front of mind. Time flies. I work with business owners to plan for THEMSELVES and plan for an exit strategy. We integrate strategies that will allow for business owners to get out when they WANT to, NOT when they HAVE to.

Business Consulting:

If your Business isn’t where you want it to be. If you feel that it isn’t living up to it’s full potential. If you keep working year after year and you’re not gaining (financially, staff, customer base)… we offer an affordable solution to show you how to turn it around. We will come in and work with you and show you ways to make subtle changes that will exponentially grow the areas you feel are not living up to it’s full potential. Contact us to learn more.

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