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Wealth management strategies that MAXIMIZE cash flow, income and legacy distribution, while minimizing taxation and managed risk.

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If you were headed out to climb Mount Everest, and you could hire ONLY 1 guide. One guide could get you safely to the top of Mount Everest and one guide could get you from the top, back down home, off of Mount Everest. You could only hire 1. Which guide would you hire and why?

If you chose the guide that would get you from the top, back down (safely home), then you chose the one that most of my clients chose. 85% of the deaths that occur on Mount Everest, happen on the way DOWN. People achieved the pinnacle of, what they felt, was success (that was climbing to the top) but died on the way down. Never getting the opportunity to share that success with their friends and family.

I see financial planning as the very same analogy. People work their whole lives ACCUMULATING, what they feel is "enough" money, but will find FAILURE when they start the DISTRIBUTION phase of what they've accumulated. 85% of the errors that will occur, financially, will occur when people start pulling money from their nest egg. THAT is what I assist people with.


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